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MAVEN: [mey-vuhn] - noun:
1. someone who is dazzlingly skilled in their field; a trusted expert.

CRAYON: [krey-on] - noun:
1. doesn't have to be a pointed stick anymore!


We at CrayonMavens have loved crayons our entire lives-- especially the smell of Crayola® crayons! When we discovered that we could create
uniquely shaped crayons out of Crayola® crayons, we knew we had to share this wonderful discovery with you!

CrayonMavens uses nothing but 100% brand new Crayola® crayons, because we know you wouldn't want to give anything but the
very best to your children! We all know that Crayola® crayons are safe and non-toxic!

Your kids and all the kids you adore deserve the very best in the tools they use to create their masterpieces,
and CrayonMavens wants to provide you with the tools that will spark their creative minds like nothing else!

Thank you, shalom, and welcome to the colorful world of CrayonMavens!

***CrayonMavens uses only 100% brand new Crayola® crayons, but we are not endorsed or licensed by Crayola® in any way, shape, or form-- we just know what's best!